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St. Stephen’s Church was begun in 1842 in Catlett, Virginia, to provide area residents with a place of worship closer than the town of Warrenton.  That year Charles Stovin and his wife, Elizabeth, deeded two and a half wooded acres as a site for the church, to serve the Cedar Run Parish.  The church’s first Rector was the Rev. W.F. Lockwood.  There is no known photograph or description of the original structure, but the parish record remains, having survived the burning of the first building during the Civil War.

The Ladies Sewing Society of St. Stephen’s kept the church alive for the decade following the war, holding services in nearby homes and a local schoolhouse.  A new vestry was appointed in 1876, and plans to erect a new church on the original site slowly took shape.  Bishop Whittle consecrated the present building on June 17, 1880, and Rev. Jackson was called as Rector.

In 1886, an agreement was reached with Grace Church, Casanova, to unite the parishes and share a minister.  St. Stephen’s would have the minister on the first and third Sundays, contributing $175 plus six barrels of corn toward his salary.  The Rev. A.A. McDonough was called to fill the pulpit of the newly united churches.

An attempt during the early 1900’s to recover $2,500 in damages from the federal government for the burning of the church during the Civil War appears to have been unsuccessful.

St. Stephen’s experienced its ups and downs over the years, but a particularly trying time came during the 1920’s and 1930’s.  The church closed its doors for part of that era, and was nearly sold for the purpose of opening a general store.  Fortunately, the influence of the Nourse sisters of Casanova caused the sale to be voided after only an initial $50 down payment was made.  The church reopened in 1938.

In 1952, Alioth and Delia Glaettli donated an additional land parcel of nearly two acres to St. Stephen’s.  A parish house was constructed on the site and dedicated in 1953.  The rectory was completed in 1974.

The Rev. Roma Maycock was called to the Cedar Run Parish in 1985.  In 1990, the yoke with Grace Church was amicably dissolved, and in 2006 the Rev. Pati Mary Andrews became Rector of St. Stephen’s.  The church continues to carve its unique history, growing, thriving, and abundantly blessed in the Lord.

During it’s lifetime, St. Stephen’s has had 17 rectors.

Rev. W. F. Lockwood
Rev. George H Norton
Rev. O. S. Barten
Rev. Jackson
Rev. A. A. McDonough
Rev. J. F. Ribble
Rev. G. O. Meade
Rev. J. J. Clopton
Rev. D. Campbell Mayers
Rec. Charles P Moncure
Rev. George C Weiser
Rev. Charles R Allen
Rev. Elijah White
Rev. Whitney Barker
Rev. Dabney Carr III
Rev. Roma W Maycock
Rev. Pati Mary Andrews
Rev. Peter Gustin (priest in charge)
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